Blue Nose Pitbull Kennel (Buy, Training & Facts)


Blue Nose Pitbull Kennel dog breed is very loving breed by kids and youngsters as well. This breed has origin in America and you cannot find them easily as they are very rare breed you can find now a days.

You may hate the dog by its name as it is not the name you want to give your favourite dog but pitbull would be nice name for your dog that is very loyal to you and always love your children.

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  • Appearance
  • Behaviours
  • Training
  • Feeding
  • Vaccinating

Appearance of Blue Nose Pitbull Kennel


Blue nose pitbull kennel are breed of dogs that looks very sharp and terrifying for normal people who actually get frightened by the dogs appearance.

They have small nose with wide face, there is tongue always out from their mouth, they have big chest with small legs.

Their eye expressions are aggressive and their body is just like a builder with lot of work done. If you see blue nose pitbull it seems that you have this breed to fight with other monster dog breed.

But one thing that needs to be discussed, that this dog breed is not bred to fight. It is very common at many places in the world that dogs are bred to fight but it is not true.

Sometimes you will observe that their nose is red with dark black faded effect. It is because of the their parental genes and they are formed with different color of their nose.

But if we talk about the blue nose pitbull, this is breed is not available easily that is the reason they are more costly than the normal red nose pit bull.

It is saying that pitbull dog’s breed was used for robbery as they were trained by thieves to do so.

However this could be true in some situations but the one thing that need to be discussed that any dog who has ability to learn can be trained for robbery so it is not a big deal you should train your dog to spread positivity.

  • They have beautiful color
  • The black and white combo sometimes more attract
  • They have short legs
  • They look like giant dog when you see only face
  • Males and female have proper appearance

Behaviour Of Blue nose Pitbull kennel


They are very gentle breed you will ever find at the earth. You can train them with doing less effort and they will respond with your every step that you took to teach them.

They love to travel with the company of their master and always act playful with your response. They act odd only when they are near to birth.

It is observed that only female pitbull act odd whenever she is near to birth or when she is at heat.

  • They are playful dog
  • They enjoy rinsing their body
  • They enjoy your company
  • Female act odd when she is at heat

Train your Blue Nose Pitbull kennel


It is not necessary that you train your dog when they are just baby pup.  You can train them when they become proper dog.

It is easy to train a dog than a pit bull pup. It is not always true that these dogs act normal when they are older dogs and behave odd when they are child dog but it is seen that they act odd with the environment.

But you will admire this breed when you are up for training your pitbull dog.

  • Easy to Train
  • Dogs should be trained instead of PUP
  • They sometimes act odd while you train them
  • They learn quickly
  • They are very obedient

Feeding your Blue Pitbull kennel


You have to be more careful while feeding your young blue pit kennel. Because in their first three to four month they do not eat or drink anything than the mother milk.

So be with them and take more care of them and prefer mother food than other food.

If you think they are not taking their mother food, you should contact with doctor and feed your dog with the food that is recommended by the doctor.

After four month start feeding them milk rice, chicken and beef with dog spoon. You can also feed them boil egg or egg yolk and milk of goat.

This diet plan will remain continues until they leave their mom and eat individually. You should have take your pup to the mother while you are feeding them with spoon.

  • Need care while feeding pitbull
  • First quarter of their birth only mother milk
  • After four month feed with spoon
  • Take off them from their mother once a day
  • Take them to the mother once they begin to eat individually
  • Use egg, goat milk, egg yolk and chicken

Vaccinating your Blue Nose Pitbull kennel


vaccinating your blue nose pitbull kennel is same as you feed them. The first four month you have to take more care of them.

And after the four month you have to take your pitbull to the doctor so they could check them properly. Do not let them move out of home until they are above five.

Because they learn quickly so do not let them learn the bad things. Dogs are vaccinating before they are delivered to the master.

  • Do let them go alone with other dogs
  • Never leave them alone when they needs you more
  • Small infection must be treated on prior basis
  • Always take care of their food
  • Do let them eat by their selves
  • Always choose a doctor over your personal treatment
  • Always play with them that don’t make them act silly


  1. Never leave them alone with your children.
  2. Stay away from scammers (Blue nose pitbull are rare because of their blue colored nose)
  3. Never pay more than enough after all they are just pitbull.
  4. Always find a reputable breeder to buy your dog.
  5. In case of emergency take them to the doctor and never listen anyone.
  6. Never take them outside the home while they are under training.

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