Interesting Facts About Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies


Having a dog like blue nose Pitbull puppies is beautiful feelings when you care for the pup. But if you trying being lazy about the health and the playfulness, you are making them angry and they won’t act like smart dogs who play with you, talk to you and show reactions on your actions.

If you love your dog and you are also showing them that you are active, they will double the love and will act accordingly. For those who love to pet dogs, must know about the heart striking different dogs. The one with blue nose Pit Bull seems very handsome dog to pet.

Interesting Facts About Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies and Dogs


These dogs are kind of American Pit bull and do not known for any separate breed. These are grouped into the same category of American Pit bull.

Other Breeds

  • American Pitbull Terrier
  • American Bull Dogs
  • American Staffordshire Terrier
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Lifespan & Height

The normal lifespan of Pitbull breed is almost 15 to 20 years. The height does not depend upon breed, If they are pure in breed their height is almost 1.5 to 2 or up to 2.5 feet. But if they are mixed with other breed then their height can be as long as they get mixed with the DNA of that breed dog.


The weight is also not defined as their height is not specified. The normal weight of Blue nose Pitbull puppies is in between 40 to 80 pounds in pure breed. But if they are mixed with other American dogs, their weight can vary from 50 pound to 100 pounds.


If we talk about the appearance, these dogs can be recognized by their pure color which is commonly white and silver. By the physic they are like dogs who daily do workout and it means they are muscular. Their face seems bulky and like bullies.

The hairs on their bodies are like silk and short like wool. Their chest is like builder hounds and eyes are shorter normally. A little fury on their faces and always seems cuddling around you with their nose blue. Most of these blue nose Pitbull puppies do not have blue nose but they are said to be have blue nose. These dogs have different nose colors. Some may have blue, grey, purple and white nose rarely.


These dogs are very friendly and remain loyal to their master till death. Compare to other dogs these dogs have much sense of humor. They are ready to be trained in early ages and can against the flow and can be trained in effectively in better way as compare to the dogs in normal routine.

Relation With Master:

These dogs are very touchy to their master and have bunch of emotions towards their master. They are so playful and can cry with their master when they are to be. These dogs stand with their master when needed and could have sleep rarely when their master in not well and crying and could not get enough sleep.


These dogs are very active and have proper healthy immune system. So they do not fall pre of any unnatural disease. If these dogs are affected by any disease, go and find a doctor for them as they need some medical treatment.


These dogs have many qualities like quick learning, friendly, locality, emotions and mixed emotions and fury qualities so these dogs can be bought in very reasonable prices like they can be sold out in $1000 to $4000.

Blue nose Pitbull puppies are found rarely with their nose blue, red and green even red so they could be buy with high price and someone could not have found them easily.

Facts Text About Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies

These dogs have passed their social friendly test with distinctions. They got almost 88% of marks for their social and friendly behavior.

But most of the cases are noticed down in hospitals that these dogs are involved in dog bite injury cases.

Due to this these dogs are not allowed as pet in many countries and in many states within America. These dogs are restrained to enter many town and cities in America even by law.

These dogs can be harmful in either way and this reason is enough to make them away from these towns and cities.

These dogs have much emotion as discussed above so this is the reason that these dogs are more harmful than the normal breeds. They show signs of aggressions before they could bite anyone.

These dogs are much active by their mind and very quick learner. They can be trained more quickly if you repeat a trick for 30 times then they will obviously learn it anyway.

These dogs can work for you if any task is given to them they can perform it without any hesitations. They also laugh and smile when ever to be.

Things You Should Know While Buying Blue Nose Pitbull Puppies

When to buy a dog?

Think twice before you go and buy these dogs as they are found in many variants. The price of these dogs could be different with dog to dog. If these dogs have blue nose then these dogs are said to be more expensive.

If the nose is black then these dogs are cheap than the blue nose puppies of Pitbull. If the nose is red it also can be costly. But for the same dogs with blue and red nose, these dogs cannot be affordable by your pocket.

Make Decision According to You Taste

Please be sure if you want to buy this dog. Never trust on other body and never buy this dog if you think someone else from your friend list have already bought it and he is happy with it. May be your taste is not matching with nose Pitbull puppies. May be you need something else.

They Need Time

The dogs or any pet you have owned, need your time. You should not ignore them if you really want to raise them up according to you.

Teach them and raise them according to your taste. They learn very quickly so they will understand what you really want to teach them and they will act accordingly.

Feed Them Yourself

Keep eye on what they are eating. Their food really does matter for their growth and to digest to immune system. So if they like one thing, you should not let them eat regularly. You know better what is good or bad for your dog.

Be Friend with Them

Be friend with them and in return they will be your friend. As they are much loyal to their master so they will give you what they have taken from you.

Ensure Proper Treatment

Make sure you take your dog to the doctor after a certain period of time. They need treatment, Otherwise they will turn lazy.

Dogs can bite

Never trust your pet completely as they are animal after all. They can be harmful and can bite you.

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