10 Best Dog Shampoo for Odor

Today in this piece of content we are going to mention best dog shampoo for odor. These shampoos are 100% trusted and have good reviews, to control odor in dogs. Using water alone won’t solve the issue of pet odor. The wax and oil secretions on the dog’s skin can hold odors. This is why dogs often smell bad again right after a bath.

1 – Pro Pet Works (Organic Oatmeal Shampoo + Conditioner)


The label on this shampoo states that it is organic as well as biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Coconut-based cleansers are used in this shampoo. Additionally, it contains oat, aloe vera, and almond oil to condition the coat and skin. You can use this shampoo for routine cleaning.

Using an emulsifier helps to suspend the oils into the water, but it won’t damage the coat. Dogs with heavy oils may not smell as fresh and clean with this product as you would like.

If necessary, I prefer to use the milder shampoo first since the more abrasive products may actually irritate the skin on some dogs, so if you are not needing them, it is best not to use them. Company policy includes the use of recycled materials and cruelty-free production. You may also return the product for a full refund.

2 – Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo

Ingredient-conscious pet parents will love this product because it’s very simple. There is a coconut-based cleanser in it that is mild and does not strip the skin of essential oils. The shampoo is biodegradable, which is a positive feature in general, but especially for outdoor bathing.

A rosemary-scented shampoo that is popular with many people. No chemicals are added to the perfume. However, rosemary can be overwhelming for some people, so you’ll have to experiment with it and see what works for your dog and your family. The shampoo does not strip oils from the skin.

For dogs with oily, greasy coats, it might not be able to control odor as well. It is a good idea to begin with the mildest shampoo possible. If you remove too much oil from your dog’s coat, you will make them itchy.

Along with a cruelty-free guarantee, the company promotes its social mission of a community giving program and support for local non-profits. With these qualities this is added in the list of best dog shampoo for odor.

3 – Paws & Pals (Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo And Conditioner)


Shampoo made from natural ingredients. They use chemical names instead of common names in the ingredient list, which can be intimidating. It uses a coconut-based cleanser and several natural oils to moisturize the skin and coat, as well as oat kernel flour to relieve allergies.

It has an emulsifier that helps the oils mix with water and be lifted away without stripping and drying the skin. There is no medication in medicated, so the term is misleading. This shampoo is also vegan, so vegan homes can benefit from it.

In order for the shampoo to have its full effect, it is recommended to let it stand on the coat for a minute or two. If you do not penetrate through the coat and down to the skin, you may not eliminate all the odor. The product is cruelty-free and made in the United States. There is no stated warranty, so for some people that might be a concern.

4 – Wahl Natural Pet Odor Shampoo


The shampoo uses coconut and soy-based cleansers with emulsifiers to mix oil into the water so it will wash off. It comes in a concentrate that, when diluted correctly, is equal to 24 oz. It smells like eucalyptus spearmint.

It is also best dog shampoo for odor but contains coloring agents because they do not add value to the shampoo, making them an unnecessary chemical. This should not be a factor in soy allergies as long as the dog doesn’t eat the shampoo, but if another product would meet your needs, then do not take a chance.

There are unnecessary ingredients in the shampoo, including the fragrance and color, which make it just not my first choice simply because it does not contain any dangerous chemicals.

If it does, I am not telling you to discard it, I would just not pick it first. It is manufactured in the United States, but it does not provide a warranty. Even so, the companies will often work with you if they are concerned about something.

5 – Nature’s Miracle Shampoo


It is difficult for me to evaluate this product since one-half of the ingredients are unknown. The plant surfactants and odor control system, rinsing and conditioning agents, fragrance, and preservatives could mean a wide range of things, and some may not be very safe for plants.

Unless the ingredients are on the bottle, I won’t be buying the shampoo. The scent is honey sage, which I personally like, and the oatmeal sounds soothing, but I am unable to provide more information about it. The shampoo is marked as made in the U.S., but there is no warranty.

There have been a number of successful and effective floor and odor treatment products from Nature’s Miracle, so we have listed in best dog shampoo for odor, but the ingredients are too concerning for me to use it as a shampoo. There are no points for social consciousness with this shampoo.

6 – Veterinary Formula (Soothing & Deodorizing Formula Shampoo)

The shampoo ingredient list reads like the chemical name of the company. There are so many unnecessary ingredients, such as coloring agents, which serve no purpose.

Chemicals such as acrylates copolymer may act as thickening agents and hardening agents which may improve the shampoo, but I’m not sure how. In the ingredient list, fragrance extenders are listed, which causes me some concern.

This has too many chemical agents that don’t really help the dog’s skin and coat. A shampoo like this would be a no for me. I don’t see lavender oil in the ingredients, so that’s another red flag for me.

The shampoo is made in the U.S. and there is no mention of a warranty. I would move on past this one if your concern is not just if it works, but also how it works.

7 – Gerrard Larriett (Aromatherapy Shampoo, Lavender & Chamomile)


Long DesCoconut-based cleansers are used in the shampoo. Glycerin will help remove some oil. The scent is lavender and chamomile, but the ingredients simply list fragrance, so I’m not sure how they get the scent.

According to its description, it is an aromatherapy shampoo, which is not for me. Strong essential oils are not liked by most dogs.

It’s important to note that this conditioner is lanolin based because some people are sensitive to lanolin and wouldn’t want to scrub their dogs with it. However, I have no concerns about it being used on a dog.

The product is biodegradable, which is good for the environment. You should pay very close attention to your dog’s comfort level with the scent during and after the bath if you are planning on using this shampoo.

The shampoo is made in the U.S. and labeled as cruelty-free. The container is recyclable. By these qualities, we have listed it in best dog shampoo for odor.

8 – Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo & Conditioner (With Botanical Extracts & Aloe Vera)


Pure botanical extracts (plant-based) and coconut-based cleansers are used in this shampoo. There are several plant extracts in it with strong scents, so if you are sensitive to smells, this one may be too strong for you.

The shampoo smells like rosemary mint. Tea tree oil is an astringent that removes oil from the coat. This may be very effective for dogs who have an odor caused by heavy oils or in conjunction with them.

Wheat protein can also be used as a natural deodorizer, and if your dog doesn’t eat the shampoo, food sensitivities or allergies shouldn’t be an issue. The shampoo is made in the United States and claims to be cruelty-free.

A label point to note is that it says it’s safe for humans (which is a bit concerning given the pH differences) but not for cats. Also, it is labeled for use only on dogs.

This is an unusual label that I’m not sure what the idea behind it is. Although a warranty isn’t clearly stated, they do include a contact number on the back of the packaging.

9 – Lillian Ruff Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

A coconut-based cleanser that contains an emulsifier to lift oil into the water and keep it away from the skin. As conditioners, it contains oatmeal, lavender, and coconut oil. Unfortunately, it does list added fragrances.

This combination of lavender and coconut is delightfully mild and appealing. The ingredients are listed as vegan, which may meet the needs of some households.

It does claim to repel fleas and ticks, but lavender oil does this very slightly, so it won’t prevent a flea infestation in your home. As a side benefit, I consider it a nice bonus so listed in the best dog shampoo for odor. 

The product is made in America and it does not use animal testing or cruelty. If it doesn’t work for you, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With vegan ingredients, cruelty-free production, and no animal testing, this may be a company with a social mission that resonates with a lot of people.

10 – Furminator (Deodorizing Ultra Premium Shampoo)


It states that this shampoo uses mild surfactants (this is what breaks up oil) but doesn’t specify what those surfactants are made of.

It also contains vegetable protein extract, but it’s not known from what vegetable. If you can get past that, the other ingredients are actually quite appealing.

Wheat protein and baking soda neutralize odors. Oat protein and multiple oils serve as moisturizers. Leaf extracts that act as astringents to remove oil.

There is also a mystery fragrance and preservative. The shampoo smells minty. The company recommends leaving this product on for 5 to 10 minutes to penetrate the coat and clean properly.

You won’t be satisfied if you just do a quick wash and rinse. Is it okay to have your pup wet and soapy for 10 minutes during bath time? If not, I would choose another product.

But this is not a big matter so this is also a best dog shampoo for odor. There is no warranty on the shampoo, which is manufactured in the U.S.

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10 Best Dog Shampoo for Odor Dog Shampoo

10 Best Dog Shampoo for Odor

Today in this piece of content we are going to mention best dog shampoo...

By Luke Grayson