How to Assert Dominance over a Dog


Becoming an Alpha is an important thing, it not only will help to avoid any aggressive attitude, but it can help greatly with good training and how to assert dominance over a dog.

Some people think that becoming the Alpha is scaring your dog, but it is not true. Your pup will more inclined to show you some loving as the Alpha.

Tips to Dominance your Dog

  1. Make Eye Contact
  2. Adopt Alpha First Mentality
  3. Control All Resources
  4. Protect your Personal Space
  5. Be Consistent with Rules
  6. Correct Bad Behaviour
  7. Make Your Dog Earn Everything
  8. Stay Higher

1 – Make Eye Contact

Eye contact with dog can be extremely powerful. While giving a command to your dog, your eye contact must be strong.

Your strong eye contact is the thing that your dog really needs to show him that you are serious about your command. This is how to show your dog, you are the boss

2 – Adopt an Alpha First Mentality


In a pack, alphas always come first. This is an important thing that you adopt that same mentality at your home. Before going out for a walk, make sure that you exit first out of the door.

Train your dog to let you through first, during a walk with your dog, you should be walking up front and your dog should be by your side or behind you.

If getting ready for dinner at your home, you have to eat first. Make sure that your dog doesn’t beg for a bite. You have to learn him that your needs to come first. This is how to make your dog submit to you.

3 – Control All Resources


The most effective ways is to control all of your dog’s resources. Your dog without you should never have right to use food without you so keep things in lock, don’t give him access to them.

Built a habit to wait for his food when dinner time. Teach him to be patience for a bite before you when set the bowl down and eat before you feed your pet and then make him sit and stay as you prepare the meal.

Set the bowl down and let your dog have waited before you give them the “OK signal” that they can start eating. The same things can be applied to toys.

4 – Protect Your Personal Space


Among some owners, this tip is often a point of dispute. Because many owners like to share beds with their dogs but it is not a good idea if you are trying to assert your dominance. This is dog pack leader behaviour.

Your dog will see this as an act of submission if he is more aggressive. Your personal space should be yours alone.

Sleeping on your bed or couch with you may make your dog vision you as a littermate rather than the Alpha so if your dog tries to jump on your personal space, give them a firm “Off!” command. This is how to assert dominance over a dog.

5 – Be Consistent With Rules

You should be consistent with your rules. This is one of the biggest problems that owners faces while training, don’t slip from the rules.

For example, if you make a rule that your dog is not allowed to go into a certain part of your home, this rule should be implement throughout their life.

If you give your dog a strict warning when they beg for food, you should be doing this every time they do so.

Some dog owners think that once their dog has the basics, they stop teaching their dog new things; you need to continue training techniques and provide them with guidance well till adulthood.

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6 – Correct Bad Behaviour


This is a critical part of being the Alpha. A time comes when your dog challenges your authority but this is a natural thing.

They can challenge to become the new Alpha If sees signs of weakness in their Alpha. If your dog is doing something wrong, don’t scream or hit him. The best way is simply give your dog a stern warning. Commands like, “Stop!,” or, “No!”

7 – Make your Dog Earn Everything


Try to give your dog a treat, toy or something special for a good reason.  Make them earn it.

Teach them that reward comes with following commands. If you give your dog treats without good reasons, they believe that they are entitled to all of those treats.

8 – Stay Higher


Try to stay at a higher height than your dog. Do not roll on the ground with your dog, as this puts you in a submissive position in his mind. If you have a particularly aggressive dog, do not allow him on furniture at all.


These tips may seem a little bit harsh for becoming an Alpha which is an important part of dog ownership and how to assert dominance over a dog but many people adopt these things without even realizing that they are establishing themselves as the Alpha.

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