5 Best Medium Sized Guard Dogs for Protection


It is quite interesting that a small pet can guard a whole family. They could be the medium sized guard dogs or the larger one.

There are lot of breeds of dogs that can guard the family but most of the people like the large size family protection dogs or bulldogs and many likes the small sized guard dogs to guard.

But we will discuss the best medium small sized dogs for protections proposes. Dogs are loyal to the human being and they can even sacrifice their life for their master.

This is not for the reason but this is for the loyalty factor that GOD almighty have put in them. It is not the same for the people when they think of a guard dog.

They always think for the large sized dog and have in their mind that they can guard them more than the small guard dogs.

But guarding the home and family doesn’t depend upon the size of dogs.

We have list of best medium to large size family protection dog that guard your house and family without making you disappointed.

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List of 5 Best Medium Sized Guard Dogs

  1. Shar Pie Dog
  2. Chow, Chow Dog
  3. German shepherd Dog
  4. Akita Dog
  5. Australian Cattle Dog

1 – Shar Pei Dog


The dog from southern China is most used traditionally for the purpose of watching the house and property.

This dog has prominent wrinkles on the face. These dogs are not breaded from other dogs but they are pure breed of their type.

They are mostly found with the rescue teams as they are very energetic and have lot of abilities to work with proper rescue team.

They are best medium sized guard dogs. They are small in size and some times medium but they are very active companion of yours.

They can bring you ball, they can guard your property and home and they can even inform you about the alarming situations.

They have some properties discussed below:

  • They are apartment friendly as you can have multiple reviews about their behaviours.
  • They are very sensitive and easily attached to the owner.
  • They can survive when they are alone but they mostly enjoy the company of their owner.
  • They can not survive in hot weather.
  • Never leave your kids alone with them while playing.
  • They can survive in any kind of environments.
  • They are small and medium in size.
  • They cannot be trained so easily; you have to put effort on them.
  • They bark too much so your neighbour can get irritated of him.
  • The average lifespan of Shar pei dog is 11 to 12 years.
  • They are found in all kind of colors but not that white color.
  • They found in the list of small guard dogs.

2 – Chow, Chow Dog


Chow, Chow Dogs are another type of medium sized guard dogs, these dogs are very beautiful and they look like lions with the fur on their body.

They are good companion when they are trained accordingly. You have to be more careful in the term of Chow Chow as they not like to play alone and left alone inside the home and apartments.

Never leave your kids with them as they can get furious easily.

Some other terms about you have to be careful:

  • They can be kept in the apartments but you have to train them accordingly so they could act accordingly.
  • They behave odd when they are left alone.
  • They enjoy every type of weather. But most of the times they love to live in cold weather but get irritated and behave odd in hot weather.
  • They are not much socialized and they act different with neighbours, kids and your friends.
  • They can not be trained so easily. They actually require complete attentions.
  • The average lifespan of chow chow is 15 to 16 years.
  • They are found in different colors like grey, black, cream, blue and red.

3 – German Shepherd Dog


German shepherd dogs are most known dogs breed worldwide. The reason is simple and solid. They are very good in their all the qualities that any dog has.

Their mind and intelligence level are above all the dogs. They are very active in their work and can perform almost all kind of task that they have learnt.

They are mostly found with jogging tracks with their owners. These are best dogs that are known for guard dogs that don’t shed. They are very active and playfulness.

Other properties are as following:

  • They are good and should be pet for the apartments.
  • They are very sensitive and tells you about the alarming situations.
  • They can live in cold weather and can survive in hot weather too.
  • They pure American breed.
  • They can live up to 15 years but the average lifespan of these dogs are 10 to 13 years.
  • They are found in all colors and mostly known colors are black, sliver, black and silver, red and black.
  • They are most friendly breed and can survive with your family.
  • They are kid friendly and you can leave your kids with them alone while playing.
  • They can be trained easily.
  • They are friendly toward strangers but they can sound odd in alarming situation.
  • They have best energy level.
  • They have good potential to play with you and with your kids.

4 – Akita Guard Dog


Akita dogs are most common breed in Japan and they are cute in their look and loving pet as well.

The average lifespan of these dogs are 10 to 12 years but if you care them with care, they can live up to 15 years.

They are best medium sized guard dogs as they have served royal family for years.

They have following properties:

  • Many royal personalities used them for hunting boars when they go for hunt.
  • They are brave dogs and can not be set down easily.
  • These dogs love adventures so they can not be pet inside the apartment.
  • Their life is spent always doing adventures so you can not pet them in a home for doing nothing and playing with your kids.
  • They are loyal to their owner or master and whatever the consequences they will never let you down by their act.
  • They can bark with loud voice and their tendency to howl is low.

5 – Australian Cattle Dog


These dogs are other type of medium sized guard dogs without their tail. These dogs are known for their no tail.

It is not the always the same but most of the time they do not have tail. These dogs are more active than the previous discussed breeds.

They are sharp minded and smart with their body and decision-making sense. So, we can say that they are best medium to large size family protection dog that can guard the property and home for in best for town.

They have following properties:

  • They can be kept inside the apartment.
  • They can live in hot weather and in cold weather as well.
  • They can be found in all over the world not only in Australia.
  • They are not shy when they are alone but they perform all the task necessary to guard the home.
  • They have love for the family and for the kids.
  • They play normal role in the playfulness with the kids and they should be watch when they play with the dogs.
  • They are not much friendly toward strangers.
  • They are easy to train but you have to do more hard work on them to get most wanted results.
  • They can be used and trained for hunting.
  • They can act intelligent as well perform difficult task.
  • They love to do adventures.
  • The average lifespan of these dogs are 10 to 15 years.

How should be the Medium Sized Guard Dogs?

  • It is clear thing that the guard dog should be active that don’t shed their selves for rest.
  • They should bark at strangers to notify the owner but they should remain friendly with family and friends.
  • The dogs should be loyal to the master and watchful the size doesn’t matter.
  • The duty of the dogs should not be notifying you about stranger but they should also be alert about the danger.
  • They should shed when they are needed.
  • They should be intelligent.
  • They should be alarming.
  • They should act cool.
  • They should never bark at friend and family.
  • They should be adventurous as well playfulness.

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