Rottweiler Husky Mix (Everything You Need to Know)


This is quite simple that you are thinking of buying a new pet and you want to know if the rottweiler husky mix is suitable for your apartment or it could be proved your best next pup or you want to know the distinct facts and figures about husky so you are at right place.

Before you go further on this site, let me explain you that, this is a cross breed and it is not the pure breed of huskies.

It is quite common now that you will see cross breeds in most of town that are being carried as a pet. Though this is formed in cross breeding process but husky has proven its self the best breed to carry as a pet.

What appeared the most for cross breed of rottweiler and husky mix?

This is converted husky that has almost same property that a Siberian husky holds. It was Chukchi people of Russia who created this breed.

The main reason of creating this breed is very reasoning. They have size issue actually. Greater the size in one of them provided basis for creating such cross breed.

Rottweiler are quite good in size and their properties are also very prominent but huskies have gentle skin with eye catching look.

So Chukchi people of Russia found these two qualities and made a cross breed between these two dogs and get the rottweiler husky mix dog.

Physical Characteristics of Rottweiler and Husky Mix


You can not actually know about how rottweiler and husky dogs actually look like until you see them separately. If you see them individually, you will see that these dogs are far different from rottweiler husky mix dog.

Huskies looks more like a wolf, but the rottweiler do look like pure dog with furious expression at the face. They also have difference with respect to their body parts.

The ears of huskies are erected perpendicular to their head. But the ears of rottweiler are like elephant. Not that big but like fluffy. Huskies have colored eyes but rottweiler dogs mostly have black eye shade.

Once you have noticed all the individual characteristics of the Siberian husky and rottweiler dog breed, now if you will observe the rottweiler husky mix breed, you will easily know it that these are cross breed of husky and rottweiler dogs.

Rottweiler Husky Mix Breed Characteristics


These dogs have mixed characteristics of Siberian husky and rottweiler. Sometimes their ears are perpendicular erected and sometimes you will see that these dogs have ears shaped like huskies but drop down like rottweiler dog.

Their body shape is like rottweiler but the eyes color is like huskies. Their size is bigger than both of the dog. They have characteristics of both dogs.

They are more like rottweiler than husky dog breed. But both the dogs are bigger in size so the next breed that we will get is bigger and taller than the previous two breeds.


The train ability of the rottweiler husky mix dog is easier than their actual breed. They are sometimes stubborn for little task but they do not act same all the time.

So, if you find sometime that they act odd, you can wait for a while and then start over. If you teach them the basic rules of training that how to move, how to walk, where to poop and where to bark they will learn all the things easily.

They are stubborn and obedient at the same time. As they are not a single breed. They are carrying the properties and characteristics of two different breeds.

So, one of them is obedient and the other one is stubborn. So, it is up to you that how you train them.

Exercise and strengths of mix breed


Rottweiler husky mix breed is one of the best breeds that has many jobs to do. They can lay with your kids, they can walk along cops, they can be used for hunting and also you can use them as a guard dog.

This breed is %100 family breed and will never bark at strangers if you have trained them with all your eyes open while training these dogs.

You should have asked a question that how much exercise is needed so these breeds not go for deep sleep. So, if they are young dog, they should have taken for the exercise for minimum one hour.

If they are old with their age, they should not go for working and keep focus on them and they are not useless but their activities become limited.

Temperament of mix breed

These dogs are independent breed and they are very loyal to their master. It is all depends upon your training and what you have teach them.

If you have spent time on them in their early life, they would sacrifice themselves for rest of their life. They are energetic and intelligent.

They have ability to learn quickly and the purposes of mix breed of husky and rottweiler is completed here.

Grooming of Mix breed


These dogs are very clever when it is time to clean their selves. They keep clean themselves. But it is not all on their own. You have to take care of them as well.

You should have brush them selves to make them clean. More they are clean more they act energetic. Keep in mind that this breed is use to with cold weather.

If the weather is not cold, be sure they are given enough rest and do not take them under the sun, that can burn their skin and their abilities toward work could have damage.

Mix Breed is For Apartment or not?

This breed is best for apartment. As they are gentle to your kids and good at self-cleaning. The only things that matter, you have to train them accordingly. They do not occupy large space, they can live anywhere in your house.

Lifespan of rottweiler husky mix

The average lifespan of rottweiler husky is 10 to 14 years. But it can be increased If they are kept with extra attention.

Diet of Rottweiler husky mix

Always choose a healthy diet for your self and for your pet as well. Better the diet, better will be the performance. This could include the following.

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Blueberries
  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Green Beans
  • Honey
  • Pears
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Yogurt

All above are human food that a dog can eat as well. But always keep in mind that the dogs also can eat the food that contains fats. Never use that without consulting the vet.

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